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AI posts for social media with Tribescaler: How Hook Lab, Hoob Generator and Hook Refiner work

If you are looking for exciting social media texts, you can use AI texts from ChatGPT or the Tribescaler application: This provides you with exciting texts, hooks, introductions and complete texts on a topic of your choice, tailored to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

The Tribescaler application allows you to generate the most exciting introductory and body suggestions for your social media posts from a prompt. For this, Tribescaler has the Hook Lab – a multi-stage module that first creates exciting ideas with complete social media texts from your input command (prompt), then generates super exciting introductory sentences (hooks), and in the last step refines the hooks. As of early 2023, you can generate up to 500 words a month in the free version. The quality of the social media posts is actually extremely high. However, as of early 2023, it only works in English.

How-To: How To Get Started With Tribescaler AI Post Suggestions - Hook Lab

First, go to Tribescaler ‘s website and enter your topic in the input field to get AI-powered full social media posts. You then get numerous different approaches for different storylines of your social media posts. Then select one of the AI ​​post suggestions to generate an exciting headline as an introductory sentence in Tribescaler’s hook generator.

Enter your desired topic for a social media post in Tribescaler in the input field to receive AI-based topic suggestions.

Scroll down Tribescaler’s Hook Lab and you’ll see more social media post suggestions with their associated labels, what categorical context these post types come from. 

Tribescaler's hook generator for AI social media posts

Once you’ve selected an AI post suggestion, Tribescaler will now show you various exciting headlines that you can use as an introductory sentence in your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook posts. Choose one of the AI ​​suggestions to adjust it with the Hook Refiner in the next step.

Tribescaler’s Hook Generator generates exciting headlines as introductory sentences for your AI social media posts.

Tribescaler's hook refiner for AI social media posts

The last step is Tribescaler’s Hook Refiner for your AI social media posts: This refines your selected headline as an introductory sentence according to copywriting criteria . After all, there are certain rules according to which a user wants to continue reading or buying: With an advantage headline you should always convey concrete numbers, with a proof headline you should always name an argument of authority and with a paradox headline you should always name an exciting disparity. Tribescaler does all that for you here: “ I thought changing the landing page would change everything, but I was wrong ” becomes: “I thought these 7 changes would make my landing page 10x more successful – but I was wrong “. You can see that the refinement of the hooks produces a much more valid result than the generic headlines that were initially created. Ergo: Tribescaler helps you to create really exciting, philosophically thought-provoking AI-based content for your social media posts.

Once you have selected an AI-based YouTube Shorts video suggestion via 2short, you can edit and export it as a video.


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With Tribescaler you can generate exciting social media texts and embed them in your social media strategy. If you have any questions about this blog article, you can also ask them.

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AI Social Media Posts with Tribescaler

With Tribescaler you can automatically generate AI social media posts from an input topic. 

  1. Tribescaler’s Hook Lab: Tribescaler’s Hook Lab will give you various AI post suggestions by category.
  2. Hook Generator by Tribescaler: Here you will be shown different, exciting headlines as introductory sentences, which result from the AI ​​post proposal you have selected.
  3. Hook Refiner by Tribescaler: Here your chosen hook (headline as an introductory sentence) gets the finishing touches by formulating it as a copywriter sentence.

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FAQ - Summary of AI Social Media Posts with Tribescaler

Here is a summary of important and frequently asked questions about AI social media posts with Tribescaler:

Tribescaler generates multiple suggestions for AI social media posts from a topic input command, along with a diverse selection of categories to which the post suggestions belong – such as analogies, surprising connections, insights or personal beliefs. The hook generator then ensures that incredibly exciting headlines are generated from these posts as introductory sentences. The Hook Refiner gives the headlines the finishing touches and ensures that the headlines are extremely readable according to copywriting criteria.

Tribescaler helps you find AI-powered suggestions for social media posts that can be thoughtful and philosophical, but also contain insights, data, analogies and extraordinary connections. Most importantly, AI-powered headlines are created from these posts according to solid and highly effective copywriting criteria: benefit headlines, urgency headlines, paradox headlines, and proof headlines with numbers. This makes Tribescaler an enormous help – especially for users without routine copywriting skills.

The Hook Lab allows you to create social media posts in Tribescaler AI. The Hook Generator delivers exciting headlines from the created AI posts and the Hook Refiner designs the headlines according to concrete copywriting criteria.

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