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Best practices and manuals for online marketing strategies

Here you will find exciting instructions and best practices for various online marketing strategies.

Tracking, Data & Web Analytics

Which data are meaningful? And how can you measure the return of your advertising campaigns online?

Thank you page tracking with Google Analytics 4: Instructions for conversion tracking

Track phone number redirects from Google Ads campaigns

HubSpot Implementierung in WordPress-Websites

Lead Syncing for lead forms

Data scraping with Data Miner browser extension

Create reports with Data Exploration in Google Analytics 4

Create Audiences in Google Analytics 4: Remarketing and Audience Signals

Matomo installation guide on WordPress websites

Google Analytics 4 installation guide on WordPress websites

Wikipedia Pageview Analysis

CASE statement in Google Looker Studio (Data Studio)

Measure anomalies with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Exploratory funnel analysis in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Search Enginge Optimization (SEO)

What additional opportunities could you take advantage of – especially when your organic Google hits are stagnating despite the constant flow of new content?

SEO opportunity analysis in international marketing based on Keyword Difficulty

Schema markups for FAQ questions: More clicks from organic Google search

Analyze Amazon keywords by country with Helium 10

Youtube Marketing

Boost your outreach with Youtube Ads and Youtube SEO. Get in touch with your audience and enrich your marketing measures by generating Youtube views.

Youtube Shorts Ads: Generate huge video reach

Youtube SEO with TubeBuddy and Ahrefs

Automatically create Youtube shorts with 2short AI

Google Optimize & A/B-Tests

Use A/B testing to make your landing page fly by reducing your bounce rates, increasing your conversion rate and increasing user scroll depths through clever UX design.

Reduce bounces with website A/B testing via Google Optimize

Increase conversion rates with website A/B testing via Google Optimize

Improve scroll depth with website A/B testing via Google Optimize

LinkedIn Ads

Find out how to create a good and stable cost per lead with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms – for webinar registrations, e-books and requests for proposals.

LinkedIn Ads Cost: Why Lead Gen Forms are usually the best choice

LinkedIn for B2B: How do Lead Gen Forms work?

Google Ads

Find out how you can use Google Ads to improve the algorithmic learning in your account and what technical mechanisms this is based on.

Google Ads Lead Forms with Performance Max

The artificial budget increase in the target impressions share

CPC and CPEU: Why the cost per engaged user says more than the cost per click

Why impressions are decreasing, when conversions increase?

High CPMs on Google Ads

Facebook Ads

With Facebook, you can generate lots of leads quickly and easily, and at a low cost per lead. This can be done with Facebook lead forms (instant forms) or with event ads for your information events and webinars.

Set up Facebook Ads Lead Gen Forms and use them successfully

Facebook Ads for Events: Win commitments with Event Ads


Exciting background in the field of website technology: How to install tracking codes, build in secure data protection integrations, create data bridges and integrate extraordinary technical features in WordPress.

How to install the AMP integration on WordPress websites

Charts with Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

Easily integrate tracking codes into WordPress with Head, Footer and Post Injections

Create Calendly integration websites and emails

Complianz: Integrate the data protection plugin into WordPress

WebP converter for website images: Page speed optimization

WordPress speed optimization with Asset CleanUp Page Speed Booster

Create WordPress backup with WPvivid Backup - migration, backup, staging

Content Marketing

Applications for improving internal processes within marketing teams in companies and important insights.

Blog Article Conversion Rates in Blog Marketing

Chat-GPT, Text-Davinci-003, Text-Curie-001 on OpenAI

AI posts for social media with Tribescaler


Microsoft Advertising and Microsoft Azure.

Image captioning with Microsoft Azure Vision Studio for image search engine optimization

Microsoft Advertising targeting with LinkedIn audiences