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Funnel hacking for lead pipes. Paid campaigns, tracking, conversion landing pages & forecasting dashboards.

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Lead generation Leads & Ads

B2B Strategy: LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Marketing with LinkedIn Ads is primarily ideal for generating warm leads for warm acquisition sales – less for direct inquiries.

LinkedIn Ads Cost: Why Lead Gen Forms Are Mostly the Best Choice

LinkedIn Ads Lead Gen Forms are essential in lead generation as their conversion rate is on average five to ten times higher than landing pages.

Data Marketing Data Analysis

Analyze Amazon keywords by target country with Helium 10

If we want to examine the awareness and market penetration of an e-commerce product in international marketing, we can use Helium 10.

Opportunity analysis in international marketing based on keyword difficulty

Where the SEO competitor density is very high in Germany, it can be much lower in other countries.

Websites CRO & LPO

Reduce bounces with website A/B testing via Google Optimize

What improvements need to be made to the website to reduce the bounce rate?

Conversion-Rates erhöhen mit Website-A/B-Tests via Google Optimize

If we want to find out which website version gives the best conversion rate, we can do that with an A/B test.

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