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ChatGPT Text-Davinci-003, Text-Curie-001: OpenAI language models and the most important input commands

The ChatGPT is the most disruptive breakthrough of the OpenAI at the end of 2022. The texts that you can create automatically can hardly or only slightly be distinguished from human content. If you are currently unable to access the ChatGPT, you can alternatively use the language models Text-Davinci-003 and Text-Curie-001 on the OpenAI.

With the Chat-GPT on the OpenAI you can automatically create blog articles, essay outlines, blog titles, programming codes, bachelor thesis outlines, social media posts, keyword research and glossaries. The novelty: In the case of blog articles, the text quality can hardly be distinguished from that of humans, since thousands of data queries are made for each token in order to find the most suitable context and the most human-like sentence structure. AI writing tools have been spreading rapidly since the beginning of 2021, but they also accessed the OpenAI. The text quality, while very strong, was not nearly as close to the human original as is the case with the chat GPT.

Since the computing power for cloud computing in data processing is expensive for such text creation, it costs money: AI writing tools are therefore billed at fixed monthly prices. And this is where another novelty comes into play: the ChatGPT was completely free at the beginning. The language models Text-Davinci-003 or Text-Curie-001, which run as independent applications on the OpenAI apart from the ChatGPT, can create text sections with around 150 words free of charge. If you want more, you can pay: The billing is not a flat rate, but based on usage and the bottom line is much cheaper than in common AI writing tools.

Due to the massive demand and server load, ChatGPT is repeatedly not accessible to all users in December 2022. However, if you still want to benefit from the free AI texts of OpenAI, you can switch to the Text-Davinci-003 and Text-Curie-001 language models.

Write texts with ChatGPT on the OpenAI

ChatGPT follows the holistic approach of operating various high-performance applications in one application with input commands in natural language. You can use it to create programming code, write blog articles, analyze images, get essay outline suggestions, design social media posts, conduct keyword research or write glossaries. Already in some newer software over 40% of the programming code is created by machines and not by humans. The AI texts for ChatCPT blog articles and essays at the OpenAI are extremely close to human language use and – as of December 2022 – the best of their kind. Also exciting: If you make the same input several times, the results will be different, so you only have limited concerns have to do that someone else is also using the exact same piece of text as you. It is also interesting that you can highly convolute and qualify your input by not simply stating that you are writing about a topic, but about a sub-area of the topic in the context of a use case . ChatGPT also processes such highly complex inputs adequately and delivers absolutely suitable results.

This is what the beginning of a blog article with the ChatGPT on the OpenAI would look like.

The Text-Davinci-003 language model at OpenAI

If the ChatGPT is busy or you couldn’t get an account anymore, you can always switch to the Text-Dacinvi-003 language model. The Text-Davinci-003 language model delivers text qualities that are comparable to those of the chat GPT. The model can be used separately from ChatGPT and, as of December 2022, consumes a lot of computing power, so that in the free version you can only create two to three texts a day, each with a text length of around 150 words.

This is what a blog article with the Text-Davinci-003 language model would look like at OpenAI.

The Text-Curie-001 language model at OpenAI

The Text-Curie-001 language model at OpenAI has a much lower human-like text similarity , but also consumes much less data. For this reason, you can use the Text-Curie-001 language model on the OpenAI to create almost unlimited sections of text for AI texts with a free OpenAI account . In the free version, however, only texts with a length of about 150 words are possible. So if you are writing a blog article and want inspiration and text templates, you should let System suggest a blog title and topic structure and then create a 150-word section of text for each subtopic.With this you can also get from the OpenAI independently of the chat GPT free of charge and without programming knowledge.


This is an example of a blog article using the Text-Curie-001 language model at OpenAI:

You can also have suggested topics for a blog article, essay, lecture or job interview suggested.

Instructions: Input commands & registration on the ChatGPT

You only need your e-mail address and telephone number to register for free. The links to register are above. Below are some important and exciting commands you can type in the ChatGPT console for your content marketing. The following input commands are the same in the ChatGPT3 as well as in the language model Text-Davinci-003 and Text-Curie-001.

Input command 1: Write blog article

You can have a blog article or a regular section of text written with OpenAI by entering the following command. Set your word count, replace the topic and get started. You can also do multiple nesting when choosing the topic, such as: Write a 200-word blog article about lead nurturing with HubSpot for B2B companies.

Write a blog aticle with 300 words about "Real Estate Valuation in Berlin"

Enter the command and get a blog post for your content marketing. You can use it for newsletters or for written statements for customers or documentation purposes.

Input command 2: Let the text outline be suggested

You can have a text outline and topic ideas suggested for a text or a conversation. Enter the number of topic suggestions you want in the number and the topic for which you want a suggestion in the subject:

Write 10 blog titles the topic about "real estate agents"

You can also use the ChatGPT, Text-Curie-001 or Text-Davinci-003 on the Open AI to get suggestions for blog topics and bullet points.

Input command 3: Write a glossary

If you want to create a glossary or detailed explanations of terms for your content marketing and your texts, there is also a command for this. If you find the term explanations too generic or too simple, nest your topic with multiple conditions (so don’t enter single-keyword inputs).

Write a glossary for all technical terms related to phone number tracking with Google Ads

You can also have glossaries and explanations of terms written – with ChatGPT, Text-Curie-001 or Text-Davinci-003.

Input command 4: Write a social media post

You can also get inspiration and text templates for your social media account by writing a post using the Text-Davinci-003, Text-Curie-001 or Chat GPT language models. To do this, enter the following input command and replace the topic with your topic accordingly:

Write a LinkedIn post about "Real Estate Agents". Give it an exciting title

If you plan to launch a lot of content on social media platforms, you can also get text templates for your social media posts – with ChatGPT, Text-Curie-001 or Text-Davinci-003.

Input command 5: Write a landing page

In addition, you can have a landing page written directly with an advertising tone that brings certain aspects of a specific service closer to website users. To do this, enter the following command, replacing the word count and subject with your own custom information accordingly:

Write a landing page with 300 words about the benefits of Google Ads for small and medium-sized businesses

You can also have a landing page with advertising texts written directly with the ChatGPT.

Content marketing with ChatGPT and Text-Davinci-003

What commands are you missing in the ChatGPT and Text-Davinci-003 to create blog articles, landing pages and email templates? If you have any questions regarding this blog article, feel free to ask:

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Important input commands with the ChatGPT and Text-Davinci-003

For the creation of  stringent content that conveys a real value, it is usually not enough to enter two words in the command line. The best way in content marketing with the ChatGPT and Text-Davinci-003 consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a topic structure, research or have it written with the ChatGPT
  2. Create content with the ChatGPT or Text-Davinci-003 for each section
  3. Merge and edit sections.

This will make your generated content more diverse.

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