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Keyword Difficulty in international marketing for seo opportunities

Where the SEO competitor density is very high in Germany, it can be much lower in other countries. It is therefore worth adapting successful existing content to a target language, especially where our offer fills a niche and has the most opportunities.

In the digital space, there are more business opportunities for entrepreneurs than ever before. It has become easier and more realistic than ever to position offers and products in specific target countries. These business opportunities have become easier, more efficient and more realistic. Existing recipes for success that work in the German-speaking market can be adapted and replicated in foreign markets with a few changes and adjustments, taking into account cultural and linguistic nuances and approaches. And yet the respective situation in digital marketing differs, in particular with regard to the distribution, popularity and competition of products and services.

Above all, this opens up an opportunity for us: Topics that are extremely competitive on the German market can have a much more relaxed competitive situation in other countries. This means that existing content that drives large amounts of organic users from Google searches to the website can be translated to a specific target language and keyword optimized – definitely creating a viable acquisition channel.

Analyze and compare target markets

In order to be able to find various promising target markets at a glance, we should first define a display environment. This can be a simple Excel or Google Sheets table for storing the data for the individual regions. For a more exciting display, you can also use the Flourish tool, which can transfer the data directly to a 3D map visualization.

Now it’s time to collect data: we have to determine the extent to which the keywords from our German-language content strategy are transferrable, translatable and adaptable in the target language and then determine the search volume of the target language keywords. In order to determine promising chances for the ranking, the competitive situation should now be determined in comparison to the German-language keywords. This can be done with common SEO software such as SEMRush or XOVI.

Keyword Difficulty as an indicator

Both tools have a module for determining a so-called keyword difficulty as a benchmark. This is a percentage that indicates how difficult it would be to get into the top rankings on Google and to surpass existing search entries. The higher the percentage, the more difficult the challenge is likely to be.

SEMRush states in its own blog that a keyword difficulty of over 80% means that it would be very difficult to rank higher here. Less than 60%, on the other hand, would show that there is definitely potential here to place a search entry well and effectively in the top rankings (SEMRush uses the top 20 rankings as a basis for assessment, while XOVI uses the top 10 rankings.)

Keyword difficulty in international SEO

What chances does your SEO localization have in other countries? If you want to do content translation on the international market, you can use various SEO analyzes to see where you have the best chances.

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How can you find keyword opportunities - using Keyword Difficulty?

The Keyword Difficulty helps you to determine the level of difficulty for reaching a top position in the organic Google search.

This allows you to find out for which translated keywords SEO localization is worthwhile in international markets and target countries.

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Keyword Difficulty in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword Difficulty is a metric in Search Engine Optimization as it shows how difficult it is to rank high in search engine results for a given keyword. The higher the keyword difficulty, the more difficult it is to achieve a good position in the search engine results for the keyword.

A keyword difficulty can be measured with SEMRush, for example. It can be helpful to consider keyword difficulty when choosing keywords for search engine optimization. High difficulty keywords can be more difficult and time consuming to optimize, while low difficulty keywords are easier and faster to optimize. In this way, you can also open up potential in international marketing. Companies should therefore seek a balance between high traffic potential and low keyword difficulty in order to maximize their chances of a good position in search engine results, especially in international marketing.

FAQ - Summary of Keyword Difficulty in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here you will find a summary of important and frequently asked questions about keyword difficulty in search engine optimization (SEO).

Keyword Difficulty is a metric in search engine optimization (SEO) for the difficulty of a specific keyword to be found in search engines. This allows you to determine the competitive situation for a specific keyword as a guideline.

With search engine optimization (SEO) you can improve your visibility and the ranking positions of a website in search engines.

A keyword in search engine optimization (SEO) is a word or phrase that represents a semantic cluster overarching topic under which real user searches are subsumed. These keywords have a monthly search volume that can be determined using SEO tools. This makes it easier for you to prioritize keywords for your content marketing.

Ein Keyword-Suchvolumen in der Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) gibt an, wie oft ein bestimmtes Keyword im Monat in der jeweiligen Suchmaschine gesucht wird. Ein solches Keyword-Suchvolumen kannst du beispielsweise mit SEO-Tools ermitteln.

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