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Microsoft Advertising targeting with LinkedIn audiences — companies, industries, and product interests

With Microsoft Advertising, you can reach LinkedIn audiences — on Bing and the Microsoft Display Network. This allows you to reach B2B audiences by industry, company and product interests.

In B2B marketing, it is worth its weight in gold to reach the right decision-makers at the right touchpoints online. With a classic approach to search engine advertising via Google and Microsoft Ads, you can reach your highly specialized target group via technically limited, booked keywords. But what if your keyword search volume is higher and your lead generation is generating a lot of unqualified leads ? This would be the case, for example, if you generate leads with webinar advertising and your webinar topic is a well-known topic with a medium to high search volume. You could either control the qualification process manually by using the contact form with additional  B2B queriesor you go with Google Ads to the bid strategy maximize conversion value (with feedback of the lifecycle stage level from the CRM to Google Ads) so that the users with impressions who have the highest chance of becoming a deal are successively reached .

However, Microsoft Advertising offers a third and unique way to increase the quality of your leads : You can reach target groups directly from LinkedIn Ads , namely in Bing search and the Microsoft Display Network . And anyone who knows the LinkedIn target groups knows — they have it all. There you can search for companies, industries, career stages or specific digital product interests . It is therefore extremely exciting if you can also reach certain decision-makers from companies in search engine advertising based on these target group characteristics if they enter a search term for your registered keyword.

How-to: Target LinkedIn audiences with Microsoft Advertising

You can edit the targeting of LinkedIn audiences in Microsoft Advertising in the respective settings of your campaign in the Microsoft Advertising dashboard. To do this, simply go to the campaign and then to “ Settings ” in the left menu bar. In the main window, under “ Campaign goals ”, you can see which target groups you can activate. By default, the “Location” and “Device” campaign objectives should be enabled. If you now activate the campaign goals “Company”, “Industry” and “Job function” with a click, you can use the LinkedIn target groups for your targeting with Microsoft Advertising. 

In the Microsoft Advertising campaign settings, select “Company” and “Industry” as additional campaign objectives so that you can use LinkedIn audiences in targeting on Bing.

Edit Microsoft Ads campaign goals for LinkedIn audience targeting

Once you’ve set your Microsoft Advertising company and industry campaign objectives, you can scroll down further in the campaign settings and set the specific company and industry targeting objectives. To do this, click on the respective button labeled ” Edit target ” so that you can set the targeting to LinkedIn audiences in Microsoft Advertising.

Click “Edit Target” for Company and Industry to select LinkedIn audiences in Microsoft Advertising bid adjustment targeting. 

Targeting companies as a LinkedIn audience with Microsoft Advertising

If you clicked on “ Edit Target ” for the “Company” campaign objective in the Microsoft Advertising campaign settings, you can now search for the company name from LinkedIn Ads that you would like to select for your audience targeting. The corresponding company names for your search are displayed in the database and you can see the employee size from LinkedIn. When you select a company as a LinkedIn audience in Bing Search with Microsoft Advertising, you can make bid adjustments so employees at that company receive favorite impressions of your ad.

Under Company, select the company that has a company profile on LinkedIn so you can use it in Microsoft Advertising bid adjustment targeting.

Target verticals as a LinkedIn audience with Microsoft Advertising

Using the same scheme, you can also set industries as a LinkedIn audience in targeting with Microsoft Advertising. This allows your search ads on Bing to reach users who are classified as part of a specific industry on LinkedIn . Also an exciting narrowing down option if you are looking for an even more selective targeting option in B2B marketing .

Under “Industry” you can specify which industries from LinkedIn should be included in Microsoft Advertising’s targeting (via bid adjustment).

Target product interests as a LinkedIn audience with Microsoft Advertising

LinkedIn Ads product interests are one of the most exciting targeting options because you can use them to reach in-market audiences in a highly effective mannerLinkedIn primarily offers targeting based on digital product interests, such as business technology, sales software, or business intelligence software options. You can also include these in your audience targeting with Microsoft Advertising.

The installation of target groups based on product interest does not run via the campaign goals, but in the left menu bar of your campaign in Microsoft Advertising under “ Target group ”. Click on this menu item and select “ Audiences in Market ” from the drop-down menu under Audience targeting. If you are now looking for the digital product interests from LinkedIn Ads, you can also select these to make your B2B targeting even more efficient and accurate.

Targeting according to product interests is possible in the “Target Groups” menu item of the relevant Microsoft Advertising campaign.

Have a question about LinkedIn Audiences at Microsoft Advertising?

Which LinkedIn audiences are the best match for your targeting with Microsoft Advertising? Keep in mind that these must also match a sufficiently large search volume of your booked Bing keyword. So if you’re wondering which configuration would best suit your B2B goal, feel free to ask:

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LinkedIn audiences with Microsoft Advertising

With Microsoft Advertising you can use LinkedIn audiences for your B2B marketing . This capability is unique among Search Engine Advertising (SEA) platforms. 

In this way, users who are registered with LinkedIn and belong to a specific LinkedIn target group can receive impressions – on Bing and the Microsoft Display Network. You can target LinkedIn audiences in a campaign’s settings (under: “ Campaign objective ”).

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FAQ - Summary of targeting LinkedIn audiences with Microsoft Advertising

Here’s a summary of important and frequently asked questions about targeting LinkedIn audiences with Microsoft Advertising:

If you want to use LinkedIn audiences for your targeting with Microsoft Advertising, then go to the campaign settings in the Microsoft Advertising dashboard. Here you can set the so-called “campaign goals”. Select “Company” and “Industry”. Scroll down, then click Edit Goal under Company or Industry. Now you can research the corresponding B2B target group from LinkedIn in the database in order to use it for your targeting.

Yes, Microsoft Advertising has the unique benefit of allowing you to target B2B audiences using verticals and companies from LinkedIn. In this way, you can use your ads on Bing and the Microsoft Display Network to reach the decision-makers who are assigned to the relevant target group categories on LinkedIn.

Yes, you can also use the product interests in Microsoft Advertising for your audience targeting, which are available in LinkedIn Ads. Most of the LinkedIn product interests relate to digital products, such as business technology, accounting software, business intelligence software, or sales software. This allows you to reach your relevant B2B target group even more effectively.

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