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Marketing Strategies for Search Engine Advertising with Google Ads

With Google Ads you can rely on long-lasting and strong machine learning when finding your leads.


Algorithmic learning for the optimal cost point per deal

GAbove all, oogle Ads is very strong in algorithmic learning. With the right Target CPA testing and Target ROAS testing, you can keep improving your cost per lead and cost per deal, and end up sticking with the campaigns that bring you the most returns. Compared to other advertising systems, Google Ads is characterized above all by the fact that users and leads have a search intent, i.e. a search intention, which makes them more qualified in their purchase intention than push marketing channels would be.

However, this also means that the congruence of the booked keyword, the search term entered by the user, the appearance of the keyword in the first ad title and in the landing page headline is what decides whether a conversion or a jump is made. The greater this congruence, the stronger the ad effectiveness and the higher the conversion rate, because users see exactly what they were looking for in terms of content. It therefore plays a major role which keyword sets you test and which keyword match type (broad match, phrase match, exact match) generates the highest response via A/B tests. Learn more about the technical background and how Google Ads works in the following articles and instructions:

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