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Automatically create Youtube shorts with 2short AI: Generate AI shorts from long Youtube videos

Youtube shorts are a video format with a wide reach – especially if you place YouTube shorts ads via Google Ads and can generate a good 1,000 views for €1. But first the Youtube shorts have to be created. If you produce long videos in English, you can use the application 2short AI to create exciting shorts automatically.

Are Youtube Shorts worth it for your Youtube channel? Definitely , because they have a wide range and you can use them as an add-on to your existing videos, cutting long videos into short, 60-second clips. Above all, you can provide enormous reach for your channel with Youtube Shorts Ads, since Youtube Shorts are much cheaper in advertising on Google Ads than standard videos. With Youtube Shorts Ads, if implemented correctly, you can quickly achieve a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) of €0.50 and a CPV (cost per view) of €0.001 to even €0.0005, which means: 1,000 to 2,000 Views for only €1. Here are the  instructions for placing Youtube Shorts Ads.

But for that, the YouTube shorts have to be created first. You can either shoot completely new Youtube shorts in portrait format yourself – or highlight the most exciting parts of your existing, longer videos by cutting the most important parts into 60-second shorts videos. But that’s always a hassle: The application 2shorts AI enables you to automatically find exciting excerpts – and even incorporates the texts into the video, which massively strengthen viewer loyalty.

Instructions: How to create automatic Youtube shorts with 2 short AI

First, go to the 2short AI webstie and enter the link of your standard long Youtube video. Attention: Currently (early 2023) the Youtube video must contain automatic or manual subtitles in English, otherwise (in other languages) the application cannot create automated Youtube shorts from it. The English language input is important because 2short AI uses it to create captions – i.e. subtitles integrated into the video, which massively strengthen viewer loyalty and arouse the viewer’s interest in watching even more content on your YouTube channel.

In 2short AI, enter the link of your long youtube video from which you want to AI generate a youtube shorts video.

Automatic video section suggestions are generated by 2short AI

Now 2short AI creates automatic suggestions for the sections for Youtube shorts that are max 60 seconds long. The texts that are displayed to you in the tiles describe the passages from the long original video that are highlighted in the Youtube shorts video and for which the subtitles appear. You can also have additional suggestions generated if the current ones don’t seem right to you. To do this, click on “ Generate more shorts ”.

In 2short AI, choose the video text suggestion that suits you best for your AI-generated Youtube Shorts video. 

Export a Youtube shorts proposal with 2short AI

As soon as a suitable, automatic AI suggestion for a Youtube Shorts video has been generated by 2short AI, you can then edit and export it. To do this, click on the corresponding arrow to edit your Youtube Shorts draft.

Once you have selected an AI-based YouTube Shorts video suggestion via 2short, you can edit and export it as a video.

Edit automatically created Youtube Shorts video with 2short AI

Now you can edit your automatically created Youtube Shorts video with 2shorts AI: In the right toolbar you can choose in which design your lettering for viewer loyalty should appear. Under “Layers” you can also use the different colored interfaces to specify which frames from the main video should be used in portrait format for the Youtube shorts video. You can set the times under “Input” for the main video if you want to set multiple layers for the frames under Output. The layers can be resized by clicking on the square at the bottom right of the rectangular selection of the left main video.

Edit your final video with 2short AI and by specifying how your subtitles should look like for viewer retention which frames from the original video should look like in the Youtube shorts.

Automatic AI shorts on Youtube with 2short AI

Which of your original videos are suitable for Youtube shorts – how can you make them AI-generated with 2short AI? If you have questions about this blog article, you can also ask them:

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Create AI-generated Youtube Shorts with 2short AI

With the 2short AI application you can create versions for Youtube Shorts Ads from original videos on Youtube – automatically and AI-generated. At the beginning of 2023, this will initially only work in English and with English-language YouTube videos.

  1. Just enter your video url in 2short AI to let the application make initial suggestions for Youtube shorts videos.
  2. Texts: You will now be shown some texts that show passages in your video that would be particularly suitable for high viewer retention. Select a suggestion, edit and export it. 

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FAQ - Summary of 2short AI

Here you will find a summary of important and frequently asked questions about 2short AI:

Just go to the 2short AI website, drop the link of your long Youtube video and the application will generate some Youtube shorts suggestions. As of 2023, this only works for English-language videos.

2short AI generates exciting text excerpts in English from an existing, long original video on YouTube and makes them available for you to choose from. You can choose the most interesting text passage and then edit the Youtube Shorts video by using the “Layers” function to arrange the appropriate frames in the portrait video.

Youtube Shorts are an excellent additional add-on to present the most exciting insights from your existing long videos in the shorts feed. You can use it to get even more reach from your original videos and draw additional interest to your YouTube channel.

 Yes, you can create automatically generated Youtube Shorts videos from your long Youtube videos and then run Youtube Shorts ads for them. Advertising for Youtube Shorts on Google Ads has the advantage that – as of early 2023 – it is significantly cheaper in terms of CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) and CPV (cost per view). With Youtube Shorts Ads you can generate a good 1,000 to 2,000 views for a Youtube Shorts video for just €1.

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